Company Profile

Eustratios Goumas- Athanasios Goumas "Stratoni ship management" G.P. is a company based in Piraeus, Greece. The company founder is Mr. Athanasios Goumas, who is highly experienced in this kind of services, an experience gathered in more than 30 years spent in this field.   The company emphasis on high quality services to its customer, data control & management.
Main customers are Shipping Companies (Owners and Managers), as well as individual pleasure and commercial yachts.
Our company provides full support to yachts cruising the Greek waters, including arrival- departure formalities, custom clearance, immigration etc. For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.
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  • Arrival- Departure formalities for pleasure yachts

  • Arrival- Departure formalities for commercial yachts.

  • Sign on- Sign off formalities for non EU crew, including visa

  • Sign on- Sign off formalities for EU crew

  • Transit Log issue (non EU yacht)

  • Private Pleasure Maritime Traffic Document (DEKPA) issue (EU yacht)

  • Yacht clearances

  • Port authorities formalities- NAT formalities- ship articles (Greek vessels)

  • Pension formalities for Greek seamen (NAT)

  • Manning agency

  • ISM/ ISPS certificates-surveys-support

  • Ship registration

  • Shipyard arrangement

  • Crew certificates- renewal of documents

  • Yacht agent-operator

  • etc

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